Circle of Grace

Life is a circle. There are the seasons….  repeating over and over again. There is a water cycle, a rock cycle, a circle of life…. All of life is a circle. Unless you’re of European descent….. Then it’s a line. You know… Line upon line, precept upon precept…. Blah, blah, blah!

See, the walk we have with Jesus was never intended to be linear. It was all to be a circle. A Circle of Grace. He loves us, we receive it, then we are able to (whatever!).

Then He love us some more, and we receive it, and then we are able to (fill in the blank). This is where the victory is. When I walk in the knowledge that He loves me…. that I’m forgiven, always and forever, and that what was done on the cross was enough, that Because of Jesus, I am righteous and pleasing to God…. when we receive that, believe that, we are able to whatever.

We are able to love. We are able to forgive. We are able to not worry. Not get defensive. Not think we’re better than anyone else. Not be condemned. We find ourselves falling into accidental holiness, it just happens! We’re not trying to make anything happen, we’re not trying to BE holy…. it just happens.

Because of Jesus. Because He loves us. Because we receive it. We are able to.

What happens, however, is that someone on that circle, we jump off of receiving and start to think that things are dependent on our own efforts. Like the time I was supernaturally delivered from depression and had the attitude:

“Thank you Jesus for taking care of that thing I didn’t have any control over. NOW “I’LL” be able to live for You….. “I’LL” be able to serve you. “I’LL” be able to read my bible, pray right, go to church, give, respect authority, be diligent, discipline myself”…… on and on ad nauseum!

So instead of staying in a state of recieving, I reverted back into my own efforts, somehow taking what was a FREE GIFT to me and wanting to work for it.

Right back out of grace and into the law. We take our inheritance in Christ and make it a wage, make it something we have to earn. And that cannot be done, there is no way we will ever be able to earn any of it. Never. We couldn’t save ourselves…… we can’t keep ourselves saved. We couldn’t heal ourselves, we can’t keep ourselves healed. And so forth…….

So we have what looks something like this……

Loves us, Receive it,  Able to, Look to self, Mess up, Try harder, Keep Working it, Get discouraged, Want to give up……

Doesn’t it make sense to just stay in the circle? Knowing that we have to have His love all the time? Knowing that our letting Him love us MAKES us able to????

Not because we deserve it or get it right….. but BECAUSE OF JESUS.

100% grace. 100% of the time. For 100% of everything!

Selah, think about that!


One thought on “Circle of Grace

  1. I know it is all because of Jesus, nothing we do will ever change how he loves us. Grace , grace amazing grace how sweet it is His amazing grace, If I break into a store and get caught the judge may show grace & mercy on me because it is the first time I have ever done that and only give me two years in jail or a year of probation. But I am still help accountable for breaking in the store…Jesus still loves me and forgives me …

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