Why is Confession so Important?

I’ll be honest….. I hated the “positive confession” thing. The whole “name it and claim it” or “blab it and grab it”…. I just cringed when I heard this stuff. I had seen the entire “word of faith” thing so perverted with greed and spiritual pride that it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

I had purposed in my heart that never again would I parrot something someone up front told me to say. I just wasn’t gonna do it. Unless, of course it was something I wanted to say…….

So I go to church, learn about grace, get excited…. and guess what? The guy up front is big on the folks confessing…  Things like “I’m the righteousness of God”, “I’m forgiven,”  good stuff…. But I still kinda cringed when I heard it.

Then I was at church one day and my heart was hurting. I was down, and feeling defeated. I was trying to do the praise and worship thing, and I just wasn’t into it…. my heart hurt. The guy who talks up front (that would be our pastor) turned around and for a moment our eyes met. I didn’t hide the hurt and helplessness I was feeling, and I could see that he knew what he was seeing in my eyes.

So he goes up front….. has the music to stop, and…… tells everyone to stand up and repeat after him… OMG!!  Seriously??  I’m hurting here and he wants me to parrot what he says? Like that’s gonna fix anything?? Well….. Jesus is so good to me…. He whispered to my heart… “just say it, Kari…. just say it”. And of course, I did…… feeling totally silly and just knowing that confessing the reality of what I am in Jesus was not going to make me feel any better….

But guess what? By the time we were finished “confessing” the reality of what Jesus did for us and what we have because of Him…. my heart didn’t hurt. My feelings weren’t hurt. I didn’t feel like crying anymore. On the contrary…. I felt….. strengthened. Encouraged. At peace. Almost…. joyfull…..

Because I SAID the truth…. out loud. I confessed. I blabbed it…and then had it. 

Go figure!

I learned something that morning….. first of all, something isn’t bad or wrong just because somebody did something goofy with it.  And that it’s not enough to know the truth, or to believe the truth, you have to speak it. Out loud. You have to confess it.

Our words are a powerful thing….. we can talk ourselves happy…. or we can talk ourselves unhappy.  I never realized just how wonderful Jesus is to me, until I started saying it. Out loud. On purpose. And that’s why confession is important.

Believe in your heart, confess with your mouth….. sound familiar??


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