More on Community

I love the idea of a group of people being as close and committed as family, willing to help each other. But I can’t trust it. I’m convinced that eventually, something will happen that hurts me. Or makes me angry. (It’s easier to be angry).

Abuse makes us vulnerable. And I hate that. The relationship that Jesus and the disciples had, the way the early church was, well….. I just don’t ever see it happening. I wish I could see it happen. And maybe it would, if we weren’t so afraid of it.

Thankfully, perfect love casts out fear. I pray that Daddy God loves all of us over our fears of what community is NOT so that we can enjoy all that community IS in Him.

I refuse to disconnect. I will, on purpose, put myself out there and risk the hurt and abuse. Jesus will love me over the fear…..  Care to join me?


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