Sometimes I can just tell that something is off. Not quite right. I’ve learned, that as far as I’m concerned, I do have to look at myself a bit since my tendency is to just ignore things and hope they go away……

So something was off….. I felt off….. prayer was off….. worship was off…… Not really bad, mind you, but kinda off.

So I asked the Lord to show me what was going on….. and guess what? He told me! So what did I do?? Welp…. true to form, I immediately started working on what I had to do to fix this problem…. And things kept getting more and more off…. I started getting kinda cranky…. and tired…. and impatient.

Thanks to Jesus for His goodness to me! He showed me that I was like a gerbil on a wheel trying to fix what was lacking in my relationship…. Like the Lord had shown me a need in my heart so that I could fix it!  That’s not why He showed me at all! I can no more fix things that are wrong with me anymore than I can fix ANYthing going on in my life! 

He showed me the problem so that I could WATCH HIM TAKE CARE of IT! And I realized that I was doing it again…… trying to work for my relationship….. trying to please a God who is already as pleased with me as is possible…..

And as soon as I saw and decided “hands off the thing, YOU can have it”, BOOM! Life is good and nothing is off…..

The only reason I can think of why I so easily fall into this trap of trying to do…. is…. well….. habit. I’ve been programmed to do it…..

Another area where I can watch HIM fix it!  It’s gonna be a straight “Hands OFF” policy from here out….. not because I can get it right (EVER), but because He will let me know when I start the doing thing again….

I so need the Holy Spirit!


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