Bumps in the Road

Sometimes when your car hits a bump in the road it does things to the alignment that makes your journey rougher. So you take it to get the alignment fixed so that your traveling can be smoother.

Last week, I hit a bump in the road. And found that my ride was rough. So I had the Master Mechanic check on things, and He showed me some damage that the bump had brought to light. He showed me this so that I could watch Him fix it, not so that I could jump on it and try to fix it myself…. I’m no mechanic!

We all have damage that makes our journey rough sometimes. And when you hit these bumps of life, the damage comes to light. These are the things that are our weaknesses, our insecurities, our fears.

Thank you Jesus, that You will make Your strength perfect in these things! Because Your strength is made perfect in our weakness. And Your grace is more than enough!

I have to believe that The Word never returns without fulfilling His purpose for it. HIS purpose, not MINE…….  

I will never get tired of the way He touches me in my weakness and somehow makes it “all better”. The way He will “kiss the boo-boo” and the hurt goes away…..

I appreciate the bumps in the road that give me opportunity to watch my Master Mechanic in action…..

And I am undone, all over again, by His love for me……


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