The Phil Robertson thing…….

I’ve been giving this issue a great deal of thought. At first I just didn’t want anything to do with it, but since it’s been in my face all week, that didn’t work out too well!

First off, this isn’t about Freedom of Speech. Phil wasn’t arrested for saying what he did, his assets weren’t frozen and taken over by the government, nobody came to his house and beat him up. He wasn’t lynched. No rights being violated. He freely said how he felt. About sin. About what he considers the bible to say sin is.  He said homosexuality and bestiality in the same sentence. He said drunkards and terrorists in a way that rather grouped them together. He said that he had never seen a black person discriminated against pre civil rights. He said all of this in a very blunt, rather crude way.

And regardless of your personal feeling about what he said, he was free to say it.

I don’t know what kind of contract the Robertsons have with A&E…. don’t really care.  What I care about is Jesus.

Phil called himself a Bible Thumper….. I have no problem with bible thumpers…. provided they’re not thumping their bible upside the heads of those that need Jesus.

Which brings me to what I feel is the crux of the matter……  Did the comments Phil made reveal the heart of the Savior? Were his words “seasoned with grace”? Did anything show a world that doesn’t know Him,  how much He loves them? He didn’t come to condemn the world, remember……

I have not a bit of doubt in my heart that Phil Robertson loves Jesus. I know that Phil experienced the grace of Jesus and had his life miraculously made new. I have no doubt that he would like to see that happen to everyone. I love Duck Dynasty, I love that they show their love for Jesus. I love how it flows naturally on the show.

Looking at the fruit generated by the comments, tho, I have to say….. Not good. Strife. Division. Anger. This is the fruit I’ve seen from the comments. Nothing that even remotely resembles the fruit listed in Gal. 5.

And I gotta say it…… What was demonstrated in that article was religion. Pure religion. At it’s worst. Jesus was not revealed. No repentance resulted. And Christians are once again made to look like intolerant bigots that don’t care about people.

I don’t think what was said is the heart of Jesus. I don’t think it’s the heart of Phil Robertson…… the very end of the article talks about how he was having someone with a drug problem over later that evening to do bible study with…. One on one…. with compassion and caring… the millionaire was going to share Jesus with someone who needed Him desperately….

If only the rest of the article had shown more of that Phil….


2 thoughts on “The Phil Robertson thing…….

  1. This is a truthful, beautifully written summation regarding this issue. If only GRACE were the first step we took in dealing with the world around us…!

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